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Mustang Fireplace Mantel

Thanks so much for the carftsmanship on our Mustang Fireplace Mantel.  All of our horse [...]

Round Up

The owners of a California ranch home requested the Western Round-Up for their great room. [...]

Bear Mountain for a Country Home

A Country Home is a distinct setting for a Bear Mountain carved shelf. These shelves [...]

Eagle Landing

A Log Cabin is a great place for the Eagle Landing mantel or shelf. Carved [...]

Man Cave Wild Life Shelf / Fireplace Mantel

Man Cave Wild Life shelf is perfect for those who admire deer, eagle and bear. [...]

Spruce Wood Fireplace Mantels

The Spruce Goose is the world’s largest wooden airplane. Yes…largely made from western spruce. Spruce [...]

Bear Lake Mantel

How about a Bear on your community lake.  Bear Lake (CM-103) was a mantel designed [...]

Carved Fireplace Mantels & Shelves

Wild Life Chorus is a mantel design that has the WOW factor. Carvings of deer, [...]