Shelf Installation

  1. WLW utilizes a French Hanger for suspending its mantels and shelves.
  2. The French Hanger system is two pieces of wood with a 45 degree angle cut on both pieces.
  3. One of the 45 hanger is attached to the shelf at the factory.
  4. The second 45 hanger is attached to the wall where the shelf is to hang.


Shelf mounting

  1. Wall stud attachment—the wall 45 hanger is factory bored for two 16” on center stud mounting with screws included.
  2. Toggle bolt attachment—the wall 45 hanger is also factory bored for wall board mounting, 2 toggle  bolts included.
  3. For concrete, brick or mortar mounting, contact a handy man or building supply center for advice.


Directions for mounting the wall 45 degree hanger

  1. Locate wall studs or wall board area for your shelf.
  2. Decide the height of the shelf and lightly mark that point on the wall.
  3. From that mark, measure down 3” and mark that spot.  This mark is the bottom of the wall 45 degree hanger.
  4.  With a level on the lower mark, draw a line the length of the 45 hanger.  This level line is where the 45 degree hanger will rest after the screws are mounted into the wall.
  5. Install the screws or toggle bolts through the 45 hanger into the wall.
  6. Finally, install the shelf by sliding it onto the wall 45 hanger.
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