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Horse Decorative Shelves

Horse Lovers Decorating Ideas Thanks so much for my recent Stallion shelf order. I was overwhelmed [...]

Sports Display Shelf

Gamecocks Shelf Display your vintage sports memorabilia.  Give us your team mascot and we will engrave the [...]

Eagle Shelf

The Eagle Mantel features the largest bird of prey. The Eagles have been used by [...]

Pineapple Shelf

Pineapple Mantel Shelf Shelving with a Pineapple carving The Pineapple carving on our Mantel Shelf [...]

Elk Shelf

Elk Mantel and Shelf is great for a fireplace in a man cave or hunt [...]

Fireplace Mantel – The Last Supper

The Last Supper fireplace mantel is a carved work of art. Leonardo da Vinci’s famous [...]

Elk Mantel in your Log Home

Log Home dwellers Design your own carved elk, bear, eagle or wildlife mantel for your [...]

Round Up

The owners of a California ranch home requested the Western Round-Up for their great room. [...]

Bear Mountain for a Country Home

A Country Home is a distinct setting for a Bear Mountain carved shelf. These shelves [...]

Eagle Landing

A Log Cabin is a great place for the Eagle Landing mantel or shelf. Carved [...]