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Moose Elk Mantel

The Moose Elk Mantel is absolutely gorgeous. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thanks [...]

Mustang Fireplace Mantel

Thanks so much for the carftsmanship on our Mustang Fireplace Mantel.  All of our horse [...]

Wild Life Carved TV Shelf

Our TV shelf with the wild life carvings is beautiful.  We hung it in our [...]

Deer Family Fireplace Mantel

We installed our Deer Family Mantel and everyone who sees it wants one.  It is [...]

Wyoming Fireplace Mantel

Our Wyoming Fireplace Mantel is stunning.  The quality is far more than we expected, and [...]

Canadian Mantel “Walk In The Woods”

Canadian Mantel “Walk In The Woods” The carved mantel arrived on Friday in perfect condition, [...]

Custom Wild Life Fireplace Mantel

       Our custom fireplace mantel with the carved wild life scene is a fabulous addition [...]

Last Supper Mantel Shelf

Last Supper Mantel Shelf Testimonial We received our Last Supper Mantel Shelf in good condition.  [...]

Mountain Mantel

Mountain Mantel – Testimonial Mountain Mantel — Our wooden mantel shelf arrived today.  Thank you [...]

Affordable Beach House Fireplace Mantel

Affordable Beach House Fireplace Mantel Thank you for our CM-111 Seagulls fireplace mantel.  My wife [...]